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The Oakleigh Chargers Football Club Physical Preperation Program is intergrated across the entire club (U17Boys, Youth Girls, U19Boys, U19Girls) and incorporates a best practice approach to athletic development.

Athletes are gradually exposed to fundamental movement patterns, that over time develop the capacity to build strength and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Exposure to training elements such as heavy strength and high running loads are reserved for athletes with greater capacity after tolerance and confidence has been built over time.

Oakleigh Chargers pride ourselves on having programs tach the same foundation knowledge and adhere to the same physical preparation philosophy (Foundation movement patterns: Squat. Hinge, Lunge, Vertical Push/Pull, Horizontal push pull & brace).

Medical Staffand phyiscal preparation staff ensure regular contact is made across all programs and detailed records of athletes training and injury history are kept, ensuring optimal development throughout athletes time in the program.

The Overall Goal of the Oakleigh Chargers Physical Preparation program is to educate athletes and drive consistent behaviours that create autonomy and lend themselves to high athletic performance at a professional level.


The management and treatment of injuries require more time and discipline than training. Players are expected to informthe club physio and or High performance manager upon sustaining any injury or illness, whether this occurs during or outside the chargers program.

The club will endeavour to ensure that there will be medical staff present at all training sessions. During all formal matches players will be supported by a full medical team, there will also be a doctor on hand to ensure that players are given all medical support necessary should it be required.


Medical staff will assess players injuries and provide the players with an appropriate recovery program.

Players will be monitored during their recovery by chargers rehabilitation staff and will only be permitted to return to training and matches after final consultation with chargers physio or written medical clearance from personal doctor/physio.



The Oakleigh Chargers has a player support program that will assist players in areas outside of football and help them deal with issues that may reduce their capacity to play football to the best of their endeavours.

Any enquires can be directed through the administration office.



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